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Why Should You Adopt a Dog?

Why Should You Adopt a Dog
Adopting a dog is a mutually fulfilling gracious act. The act of adoption will help a dog that is struggling to survive after being abandoned by its owners. It is a rewarding feeling to find a great canine companion while simultaneously being its savior.

The month of October is considered as adopt-a-dog-from-a-shelter month. Let us look into some fun facts as well as information on dog adoption.

Myth vs. facts

Dog adoption from foster care orshelter not only helps you in finding a great partner but also gives the canine a new life. There are many potential pet owners who fear shelter dog adoptionon the basis of random myths. It is essential to clear your mind of any worries before you wholeheartedly accept this decision of adoption.

A common worry that dog ownershave is that shelter dogs fall sick often and need a lot of medical care. This reason might be true for a few but not for all shelter dogs. The facts and figures clearly show that shelter dogs are cared for well and require less medical attention post adoption. Some of the other worries of the person about to adopt are, the pet not being of their breed of choice, only adult dogs being available in shelter homes or lack of information about the dog before adoption. All these queries can easily be answered by getting complete information about dog adoption beforehand.

Pet Overpopulation

Another point to be considered while deciding upon canine adoption is the problem of pet overpopulation. The tragic facts show that more than 8 million abandoned pets are taken in by shelter homes every year, half of whom have to be euthanized due to lack of facilities. A contributing cause for pet overpopulation is choosing not to adopt. The root cause of pet overpopulation is the attitude of pet owners. It may seem easy to buy a new pet from a pet store but when you plan to adopt, you save a pet’s life. The only way we can solve this problem of pet overpopulation is by choosing to adopt rather than buy your new dog or puppy companion.

Cost Effective

Adopting a dog is a more cost effective option than buying a new one. There are various financial obligations to consider when you plan to get a pet like food expenses, visits to the vet and pet accessories.

Adopting a dog from a shelterhome is not free but the charges are minimal. You can get the breed of your choice at a lesser cost.


Another favorable argument for canine adoption is that pre-owned dogs are trained and know how to behave in a social environment. You may not need to worry whether your new adopted canine friend would become aggressive amongst your family. These dogs are seen to fit right in with their new families.

However, it is a good decision to get to know everything about the dog’s behavior from the shelter owner. They can provide you with accurate information on how the dog may react in various situations.

Humane Thing to Do

The most predominant reason to adopt a dog is to experience the peace after doing such a thoughtful act. You save the canine’s life, provide him with good care and in return you will get a lovable and loyal companion for life. The benefits of dog adoption are multifold. This random act of kindness can also act as a message of humanity for your children.

Plan to get your new canine friend from shelter nearby and be rewarded with a lovingly cherished experience of a lifetime.

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