What happens when a puppy meets a cat? Watch it yourself

What happens when a puppy meets a cat  Watch it yourself

For years it has been said that the cats and dogs are foes of each other but it doesn’t seem to be true at present. We see a lot of dogs and cats together just as good as friends as they are with their own breed. The video below is also of the same kind and it is surprisingly pleasant to see the excitement of the puppy when he learns that he is going to have a new playmate.



A new playmate means someone to care for and to climb upon and gives loads of kisses and hugs. Moreover, the cat doesn’t even get annoyed a bit as the dog climbs on her and teases her a lot and finally when the dog steps down, the cat leaves nonchalantly as if she doesn’t even care. We all know this is just friendly love between the two as they seem to get along really well. Whatever the case, the patience and endurance of the cat has to be appreciated who let the dog climb over her and adore her.

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