Weird looking dog born with odds stacked against her!

Weird looking dog born with odds stacked against her

Born into adverse conditions

Animals are often born into conditions we cannot imagine and it is just sick to see people make their dogs breed in their own backyard just to make profit. The problem is that the amateur breeders are not skilled in breeding and this leaves the newborn puppies with medical issues for the rest of their lives. This is the story of the dog named Pinky and she was forced to live at the shelter after being found from the streets.


It was clear that someone had abandoned Pinky on the roads and all it took was one good look to know that the dog had some serious medical issues. Her nose was squished and she had tiny little squinty eyes and luckily a veterinarian named Christie Cornelius found the dog and diagnosed her problem. It was found out that Pinky’s brain had made its way into her nasal cavity so she was cured from it. To make it worse, Pinky had inverted, inward and ingrown eyelashes that hurt all the time.

The shelter was able to fix most of her problems and got her condition a lot better and only time will tell as to when most of her problems will be solved.

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