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Warning: This Could Kill Your Dog; Must Watch for Every Pet Owner

Warning  This Could Kill Your Dog  Must Watch for Every Pet Owner

A family in Wisconsin has been greatly bereaved by the loss of their beloved dog, Luna. The saddest part of Luna’s tragedy is that she died of an unlikely cause. While the Carress family was away, Luna found her way into a pack of sugar free chewing gum. She soon became very sick and suffered severe liver damage. Doctors anticipated a cost of $20,000 for treatment, but even that had no guarantee of actually saving her.


It turns out that the chewing gum contained an ingredient called xylitol which is non-toxic to humans and is commonly found in many everyday products. However, xylitol is highly toxic to dogs. Losing Luna has been a very difficult experience for the Carress family but they are trying to help other dogs now by raising a $20,000 fund in Luna’s name. Stories like this reinforce the fact that every dog owner should know about what can be potentially dangerous to the health of his or her pet.

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