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Vitamins, Glucosamine for Dogs Healthy Dog Food and Treats

Vitamins  Glucosamine for Dogs Healthy Dog Food and Treats

Do you know what’s good to eat for your dog? What type of food is best for its safety? A good pet owner is always aware of the best diet for their pet. It is always important to look out for the ingredients and nutrients offered by the food you are planning to give to your dog before purchasing it. There are a lot of brands that offer good foods, but knowing the key points will help you decide what the best food for your dog is. This little discussion will acquaint you with some of the basic rules.

Higher Protein Sources

A food that is high in protein sources is always good for your dog. Proteins strengthens body muscles and helps in burning the excess body fat. Always ensure that the ingredient list includes a good number of protein sources. Ideally look out that 3 out of every 5 ingredients should be protein rick, such as chicken meal, lamb meal, venison meal. If you are buying food that needs to be cooked, make sure that the proteins are high enough that its proportion stays high even after cooking. This is because the protein sources are usually reduced after cooking.

Optimum Ingredient Ratios

Before purchasing any food for your dog always look out for its ingredient ratio. A healthy and optimum ingredient ratio is the one which contains both meat and vegetables in equal ratios, that is 50% vegetables and 50% meat. You may find it hard to know about ingredient ratios on purchase of some brands of dog foods as it is not mentioned on the packing always. If so, do some research on the internet about the brand or visit their website to find the ingredient ratio. Remember to also check for the cheap filler such as grain, wheat or pulses.

Ingredients to be avoided in Dog Food

Whatever ingredient that doesn’t contribute towards the health of your dog isn’t good for it. One thing to be aware of is the grain is cheap fillers. Many brands use grains as cheap filler in order to keep the percentage of protein sources high in the dog food. An ideal dog food is high in protein from meat sources and not grains. This doesn’t mean grains are not healthy for your dog. Grains can provide long term energy and improve the health if taken in right quantity. Some of the healthy grains for your dog include:



·Brown rice


·Rolled oats

Some animal diet producers emphasize on a vegetarian diet for your dog. It’s just a myth! Dogs are carnivorous and naturally require meat proteins in order to fully support their proper growth and health. Making your dog a vegetarian pet would therefore have a negative effect on its health and hinder its growth. You should also be aware of the preservatives that can cause diseases. Preservatives are added to animal food so that it remains edible for a longer period of time. Vitamin C and E are healthy dog food preservatives. Likewise, cancer causing preservatives should be avoided, such as BHT, BHA and Ethoxiquin.

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