The overflowing Christmas generosity to homeless man’s injured dog

The overflowing Christmas generosity to homeless man   s injured dog
It was a really frustrating moment for Steve Anthony on Monday after his puppy got a hit and run accident. Luckily enough, a lady stopped by and brought both Steve and his dog River to a vet. The lady was so generous that she went ahead and started a fundraiser which raised more than $5000 within 12 hours. The money not only catered for medical bills, it also provided them with a temporal housing. Steve had a job at a Christmas tree lot in Roseville, CA and happened to be with his 9 month old dog where the hit and run happened. " I see blood coming out of his mouth and nose” Steve remembered as he said he thinks his dog’s head had been smashed.

With the help of two drivers and the lady, they took the dog to the roadside. However, the lady, Jennifer Martin with her two kids extended their kindness by taking Steve and his dog, (River) to the Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital. Jenifer called her husband to inform him off the man and dog they picked and that they should meet over at the hospital. On arrival, vets discovered that River had a fracture which needed lots of thousands to conduct an operation. Steve on the other hand was suffering from terminal cancer and lived in a cave hence could not afford the money. Jenifer gave him 75 dollars then took the story to Facebook to raise money. She united with The Chester Foundation a non profit organisation for the fundraiser.

After the news spread around about River and his father, $9000 was the amount of money well wishers raised in a span of two days which was more than enough for the surgery. The money left was used to put up a pet friendly hotel. This means not only did Steve get his kid treated; he also found a home to live in for a while. The Chester Foundation said that Steve was overwhelmed by the generosity of individuals. Living in a house was essential for the dog as moving about would slow its healing process.

The foundation said the dog needed to be calmer especially during the cold season.
The leader of Rivers medical team, Dr. JT Vida, had this to say, "The breakage was very complicated since the bones were worse than radiographs showed. Luckily, everything with the surgery went right and we were able to restructure the pelvis with the help of expert Bone plate. Anesthesia also worked well with river and recovery was great in the instant post operative period. I dropped by Atlantic Street today to find out his progress and he looked much better. He was at ease and would at least exert some weight on the limb but of course with some help. However, for this progress to be he has to be confined for at least one and a half months plus receive care and love from community and his master and he would get a chance live for a very long time.
Until now, Steve is still amused by the generosity people showed him. Kind words and monitory assistance from thousands of people really touched him. Toys and food were the additional donations people gave for River and according to Chester Foundation; this is a Christmas miracle which is rare to come by.
In addition, Steve said that he and River were okay and that any other donation to be sent to The Chester Foundation as he believes there are many other pets in need of the money and food. Any Charitable contributions can be dropped off at the Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital-Pet Emergency Center, 1100 Atlantic Street, Roseville, CA 95678.

One thing Steve wants is employment, after all, it will help them have a suitable home which is more permanent. However, when asked what he needs for himself, his answer is ever the same, that "rescuing River is rescuing his life”. Anyone with any information about employment or a house can be called into Atlantic Street Veterinary Hospital 916-783-4655 where you find River and Steve.

Do you want to enjoy this Christmas? Express your love and assistance to animals and people in need!

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