Security guards miraculously save stray puppies on a glass bridge in China

Security guards miraculously save stray puppies on a glass bridge in China

Curiosity may kill cats and in this case, it got a bunch of cute puppies into severe trouble. In China, a pack of seven stray puppies followed a group of tourists to this high bridge which was almost six hundred feet high and got stranded there. The tourists made a mistake of feeding them to make them follow and then left them there.

This pack of stray puppies was eventually left to rot on a glass bridge. The poor puppies were looking for more food but as they reached the glass bottom part of the bridge, they froze and became too frightened to cross that portion for hours.

The bridge has always been a tourist attraction at a scenic spot in Shiniuzhai. It is made partially of glass panels which give out a stunning view of the valley underneath the bridge. The puppies got scared of the glass bottom floor.

A miracle was needed to save these puppies. Security guards realized that their intervention was needed to save these puppies. They were horrified by the six hundred foot drop. The bridge also experiences gusty winds as it is one of the largest in the world. People can hold on to the railings but the puppies were definitely disoriented. Their little paws would slip. If not for the security guards, they would have all perished.

People should be smart enough to understand that dogs may be curious but they always freeze in some situations that make them get scared. Small puppies should never be led to high platforms or levels from where they may not find it easy to climb or come down.

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