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Safe Running Routine with Your Dog and its Health Benefits

Safe Running Routine with Your Dog and its Health Benefits

Running and jogging has numerous health benefits and when you own a dog you get a special opportunity to incorporate jogging and running with your dog in your daily routine. If your dog loves to run, both you and your dog could mutually benefit with it. It is very important to make your running routine as much safe for you and your dog as possible. Make sure you have all the necessary things you might need on the go and that you are comfortable enough with your dog before you proceed.

Check for the Fitness

Running exercises like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and regular jogging can be very beneficial for your physical health. It can also aid you in losing weight and go hand in hand with your dieting routine. Before you begin, have a check on any health conditions you have and you might be wary of. Similarly do this for your dog as well. A dog that may appear to be completely healthy and normal may not be fit enough to do some intense running.

Going jogging without your dog might be a good idea to see if you are all okay. You may consult your veterinarian for the fitness of your dog for running. If you are satisfied, you may proceed, but with caution as explained below.

Precautions to Take

Start with taking long walks with your dog. Your dog may respond to the outside environment in a way you might not be previously aware of. Keep a check on his behavior and determine whether it needs any improvements before you can finally go on a run with your dog. Sure running with your dog is fun and healthy, but you need to take necessary precautions before proceeding else the consequences may be quite unwittingly dangerous.

Besides, going on long walks is also good for you and your dog’s health. As you start from walking the muscles start building up enough energy for running. Gradually increase your distance and speed, and the dogs endurance will increases slowly. In hot weather, plan your running routine in the evening or early morning when you and your dog are protected from the scorching beams of sun. Also, consider getting running booties specially designed for dogs to keep his foot pads from heating and to provide grip on the slippery surfaces.

Plan your run to comprise periodical rests instead of running nonstop. HIIT is an extremely effective exercise which can be both enjoyable and productive when running with your dog.

Check for the Supplies on the Run

Common necessary supplies include adequate water, waste bags and some first aid as a precautionary measure. All these things can be easily packed inside a backpack that be attached to the body of your dog. The backpacks also have reflective stripes attached to it to make your dog visible to the motor vehicles at night. SO it would be a good idea to get one of these if you regularly go running with your dog.

Follow the rules of properly giving drinking water to your dog after running. DO not provide him lots of water all at once; instead give him small amounts after small intervals.

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