Russian Man Saves Dog’s Life Got Stuck In An Elevator's Door

Russian Man Saves Dog   s Life Got Stuck In An Elevators Door
This 30 second Russian video illustrates a heroic dog rescue by a bystander. The video shows a woman entering an elevator with her pet dog on a leash. Both of them enter the elevator, but the dog suddenly exits the elevator just as the lift door closes. In a reflexive move, a man standing near the elevator tries to open the doors by pressing the elevator button. The lift is already in motion with the dog’s leash stuck in the doors. The dog is pulled up due to the force of the elevator and is in danger of getting strangled. The man heroically saves the pup by breaking off its leash.

This video shows the quick responsiveness of the bystander. He did not hesitate in trying to save the dog in every way possible. This dog rescue video comes as a welcome emotion where a stranger shows concern for the plight of a pet dog. The Russian man’s brisk response level helps save the pup that otherwise would get strangled by his own leash. It is truly a grand feeling to save someone’s life even if it is someone else’s pet dog. This video enhances one’s faith in the humanity.

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