Pit Bull Dog Saved An Injured Chihuahua In Her Mouth

Pit Bull Dog Saved An Injured Chihuahua In Her Mouth

This is a heart touching story of bonding between two dogs of two different species; this is what is called being real friends, being soul mates. Community members noticed two dogs, a pit bull and a Chihuahua, were roaming together in the streets of Savannah, Georgia. The pit bull that seemed to be comparatively healthy, was literally carrying the small and injured Chihuahua delicately in her mouth. The Chihuahua, who was named as Chachi, had a badly injured eye and was barely able to walk. The pit bull, Joanie, took care of Chachi, carried him around in her mouth, and even tried to cure the injured eye by licking.


Their devotion for each other makes this dog pair really special, and after they were rescued by the Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department, they were offered proper treatment, food and shelter. Chachi's injuries were treated but the meds failed to cure his eye, as it had already ruptured. The duo were kept separately for few days due to health reasons, and after a break when they met each other, the re-union was really emotional. The best pals caressed, snuggled and kissed each other; and now they were ready for adoption.


The animal control officer and the members of the group really wanted some family to adopt this duo together, but that was not possible. However, God seemed to have granted their bonding forever, as Joanie and Chachi have just found a new home in Florida. The family will be adopting them next month and presently the elated team is planning the transport of the duo to their new home. The transfer is expected to take place in August, as there are some procedures for transporting animals across the state lines, which will take some time to complete. For now the duo is at the rehabilitation center enjoying their time with each other and the members of the association.

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