Meet a dog that serves customers at a vet’s office

Meet a dog that serves customers at a vet   s office

Dog was the first animal to be tamed by man. Their relationship since then has always been extravagant as they relate very well. In fact, the relationship between man and dog is the strongest as opposed to other animals. Man has since learnt how to train the dog in doing stuff like solving math, greeting their masters among other things. However, there is one extraordinary act about dogs that you have never seen; dogs can actually work in offices. This video shows how dogs work in an office by taking and giving out receipts.


Well, this particular office has two smart dogs but one that delivers receipts is golden brown in color. As the video starts, the two dogs come into the cabin of the lady who happens to say printer twice. The dog with its front legs steps on the desktop, picks paper from the printer’s tray using its mouth, gives it to the lady and waits for it to be stapled. The lady gives back the paper to the dog and orders it to deliver it to the customer.

Once the dog got the paper, he and the other dog quickly opens the door to the cabin and headed to the customer who took the paper off its mouth. The customer also took a cookie and gave it to the dog. However, the customer was amused and had to ask the officials about the dog and they proudly talked of their efforts to train the dogs most certainly for the task.

It’s very interesting how the dog mastered the job that now they perform like man does just like the video demonstrates. However, love must be shown to the dogs for them to be loyal and also master the skills you need them to.

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