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Make raw food diet for your dog

Make raw food diet for your dog

How to make dog raw food diet at home ?

Many enthusiasts believe that since the forebears of domestic pet dogs such as wolves lived on completely natural raw foods, today's domestic pet dogs could be much healthier by eating a similar diet. The diet should be made up of ingredients such as raw meat and bones combined with small amounts of raw vegetables and fruits. The amount of raw food diet ingredients will depend on the weight of your pet.

How much should you feed?


The amounts that you feed them should be between 2% and 3% of body weight (approximately 1 pound of food for every 50 pounds of body weight) for puppies. The recommended quantity is 10% of their body weight or 2% to 3% of the weight that they will attain when they grow up. Around 80% of this should consist of muscle meat with organs and raw meaty bones making up another 10% each. Green tripe can account for between 15% and 18% of the diet.

Ingredients for dogs raw food


The ingredients that go into your dog's diet must be the freshest and most organic meat products that you can find such as chicken, beef and pork. Organs such as kidneys, brains and liver should be added and, because of its high nutrition, green tripe is an essential element. As an option, you can steam or grind a quantity of fresh vegetables with a low glycemic content such as carrots and spinach. Remember to keep organic pumpkin on hand (canned or fresh as is convenient) to take care of any stomach problems.


Protein is important


Use only one source of protein such as chicken as long as it is needed and check on the dog poop until it is normal (firm and small). Add other protein sources one by one and keep performing the check. If your pet has loose motion, don't get worried because the dog would take some time to adjust to the raw ingredient diet. Also keep checking on the weight and adjust the diet keeping in mind at all times that your dog is better off if it is not overweight.


Frequency of eating


Dogs should be fed twice a day on the raw food diet to ensure that the food is digested properly. Divide the quota for each day into two separate parts to be used every morning and evening. Puppies should be fed three or four times per day and the determination of whether your dog is a puppy will be determined by its size. Meaty bones can be given to your dog as a treat separately from the meals but you should always supervise when these are eaten. Smaller dogs may have a problem digesting large pieces of vegetables and make sure you grind the vegetables after being lightly cooked. Pumpkin works very effectively in the case of diarrhea because the high fiber content helps in forming firm stool and also helps to avoid constipation.

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