How many Dogs in this One Dog House ?

How many Dogs in this One Dog House

The video of this dog house can surely be called a funny video. You will have to see till the end of the video to understand what is so amazing about it. In the first screen of the video you will see a dog house that looks normal in shape and size. Once you get closer, you will see two dogs sleeping in the same. The story begins when the first dog comes out of the house and then comes the second one, the third one, the forth one and the fifth one. You would never imagine that such a small dog house can equip so many dogs.

The video runs for around 36 seconds and each moment of the video is fun as you notice how the dogs had accommodated themselves in the small dog house. They are lying as if that is quite normal and comes out in a hurry. The video has to be seen till the end otherwise the real fun of it will be missed. There are five dogs of different sizes and some of them are really big in size. The question is how they could fit into such a small place. Well, the answer can only be given by the master.

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