Fighting dog gets rescued and finds peace in new owner’s arms

Fighting dog gets rescued and finds peace in new owner   s arms

Guardians of rescue’s efforts

Guardians of rescue is an organization that works for helpless animals that are in need of help. The organization works mainly on volunteers and donations and their goal is to develop and grow programs for interaction between dogs and people. One of many great things they do is that they rescue dogs from puppy mills to provide them with a better life. There are hundreds of dogs that they have rescued over the time and have done great things for them.


Fudge’s story

Fudge is a pit bull they found in someone’s yard, wandering around and had nowhere to go. The dog was in a miserable condition and had bite marks on his body. Anyone could tell that he had been used as a fighting dog or a bait dog. The dog had a lot of scars and puncture wounds and was also infected so it was clear that he had lived a painful life. However, the dog was treated with great care and affection and that’s all that was required to tame the dog. He realized the friendly touch and got attached with his caretaker.

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