Dog and Koi Fish Become Good Friends

Dog and Koi Fish Become Good Friends

Perhaps one of the reasons why we all love dogs so much is because of its ability to develop affectionate relations and friendship with all sorts of people and animals. We have heard stories about dogs becoming dear friends with old people, adults, and kids; and last week we even told the story about a dog and his friendship with a year old toddler. But how enchanting can the friendship between a dog and a fish be? It sounds pretty cool and bizarre at the same time, doesn’t it?

The images below depict the unique and unusual bond of love and friendship between a pet Dutch Shepherd dog and its owner’s koi fish. With the passage of time these two animals have grown affectionate towards each other and every time the German Shepherd dog Wiebe approaches the pond, the fish come swimming to the edge by its edge. They even exchange kisses as shown in the picture.


The owner Dorri Eijsermans narrated the story of their friendship by saying that Wiebe seemed to be interested in the fish and their pond activity ever since it was a puppy. Being so young, the pet dog was afraid of his family’s pond, but with the passage of time he grew courage to drink water from that pond. The beautifully colored fish no longer filled the dog’s heart with fear, but with the passion of enjoying their company and having a little time being closer with each other.

The fish also grew affection for the dog with the passage of time. According to the owner, whenever she took the dog for the walk with her and then went over to feed the fish, Wiebe would come over with her to drink water from the pond, and the koi fish associated the dog’s presence with the feeding time. So Weibe’s presence around them made the fish more excited and that’s how their friendship blossomed. It’s really amazing how the animal instincts work. Now Wiebe and fish both lie each other’s company. Weibe likes attention of the fish and so does the fish like having him around their pond. These short visits often result in licking and kissing the fish while the pet dog drinks water from their pond.

It’s obvious that being little the puppy Wiebe was afraid of the presence of fish while he used to drink water but now he has grown guts and realized that the pretty water animals are not harmful at all. So now Wiebe keeps on drinking the water even if the fish come closer and kisses and licks them while quenching his thirst. This has led to this unique bond of friendship between these two animals. According to Dorri, the fish also seem to like the attention and kisses they get. Well, that’s so good for you Dorri. They seem really happy together. There is a good example for us to learn in this story of friendship. Only if we may take a hint can we realize the beauty of this world and its inhabitants.

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