Cute Little Puppy Barking At Four Pumpkin Monsters

Cute Little Puppy Barking At Four Pumpkin Monsters

Being a puppy can be tough at times, especially when you are trying to figure out what the heck are those giant round orange monstrous things! The puppy in the video looks at four orange monsters standing in his living room and he barks at them in suspicion… can they be trusted, are they a threat? Turns out those are just some regular old pumpkins but our little cutie’s confusion still knows no bounds. He jumps and barks at them as if they were alive, and as if he can elicit a response out of them!


Who knows what this adorable pup is thinking in his head but he is certainly not completely at ease with the presence of these pumpkins. Now, think about how he would react when they would be turned into Jack O’ Lanterns!! Now, that would be something seriously worth watching, isn’t it?

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