Brock The Boxer and His Unusual Welcome Home Ritual!

Brock The Boxer and His Unusual Welcome Home Ritual

Every dog has his unique style of welcoming his human family members back home. Most wag their tails, jump around and shake their bodies but Brock has a ritual of his own. Have you seen those movies where the arrival of the king and queen was announced with trumpet blows? It seems like Brock doesn’t have a trumpet but he tries to do something similar.

He swaggers around with something held in his mouth, it doesn’t matter what the object is but the ritual remains the same. On some days he performs his welcome ceremony with a magazine, on some days he uses the door mat and on some days it is a cushion. For every pet owner, the best moment of their day is coming back home and being enthusiastically welcomed by their dog, and how much more fun it is when your pet finds a truly unique way of making you feel special!

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