A Service Dog Assists Doctors in Surgery

A Service Dog Assists Doctors in Surgery
In this small video of 1 minute and 42 second you can see a Service dog "JJ” helping the doctors in the operation theater. The incident might be very astonishing to many of us, as commonly pets are not allowed in the hospital, but here we can see a complete reverse of the normal trend. JJ‘s master is a 7 years old girl Kellen, who has a rare disease which causes allergic attacks without any warning and can turn out to be very dangerous. JJ is trained to detect these attacks quicker than any medical facilities. In 2012, JJ was rescued from an animal shelter and was trained to bark in a particular fashion when he felt that Kellen was having an attack.


A Service dog can detect even the smallest change in the body chemistry of their master, and this capacity is used for providing prompt medical assistance. This dog can also detect sugar level fluctuation in the body and can be helpful for people with epilepsy. Having JJ around reduced the risk of the allergic reaction on Kellen, as he could inform her parents in advance about the attack so that they can take quick actions, and he is also trained to fetch a medicine from a drawer when he feels that Kellen is going to have an attack. JJ was present at the Operation Theatre to help the doctors in realizing of any allergic reaction in Kellen’s body.

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