A Dog's Tears of Joy

A Dogs Tears of Joy

Have you seen this awesome video? It is not new but it is surely going to put a great smile on your face. It shows the US Air Force Captain who reunites with her adorable pup, Molly, after 8 months. The Captain who likes to refer to herself as the "mom” returned US from Afghanistan and met her eight and a half year dog in 2011. This video is so awesome that whenever we watch it, it puts a long lasting sweet smile on our face. Watch it yourself below.

The beautiful dog can’t stop licking and kissing her mom’s face after meeting her for such a long time. It is so adorable that it makes us forget all of your worries for some time. We are sure Molly must have missed her mom very much while she was away. It also teaches us that true love never dies. Even after being separated for so long from her owner, the dog remembered her and gave her a really warm welcome at the airport. The tears of joy she cries just reflect how much closer the mom and Molly have been in the past and nothing can come between them.

Dogs really are adorable creatures, aren’t they? That’s why we love them! :)

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